Cramming for a Metric Century Ride


I remember staying up late cramming for a morning final.  I had all quarter to study for the final, and I am up the night before the exam cramming. Thinking somehow that all that last minute stuffing of facts and equations into my brain would make it readily accessible for the morning test. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t keep my eyes open and kept rereading the same line of notes over and over. By god, I’d put in the time so I would be ready. And just for good measure, I would sleep with my textbook under my pillow as I slept, and place the book on the floor under my feet during the exam.  Maybe, just possibly, information would transfer from my book to my brain during sleep, and from my feet to my pencil during the exam.  Crazy huh?

It has been a long time since those days of exams that showcased the necessity of procrastinating just long enough to put the pressure on to start, and still have time to be ready.  Over the years, I haven’t changed.  I have a 100K bike ride on October 19th, and I didn’t start my training until the end of September. September 28th to be exact, which is a mere 3 weeks until the ride.  If I was 25 I would say “pisshaw – no problem”.  However, I am now a few years older than 25, and with the ride only 3 weeks away I say “YIKES!!!!”.  So here’s to “cramming” once again.

I rode 25 miles with 1100 feet of climbing my first ride, 30 miles of basically flat for the second ride, and 65 miles with a bit of climbing (1355 ft – really?) so I know I can do the distance – it’s just a matter of how long will it take me.  I do plan on doing a couple of more rides before the big day.  I have been impressed at how well this ol gal comes back after a lengthy time off.  Having good company to ride with definitely makes a difference, and just remembering to “take it 10 miles at a time” helps as well.

So as I student I put my books under my pillow for the night, and under my feet for the exam.  With biking, what do I do? – Sleep in my helmet?  So maybe the old adage is true “you can’t teach a dog new tricks”.  In other words, once a procrastinator always a procrastinator.  Here’s to October 19th and the Foxy Falls Metric Century – “I am woman hear me roar!”  WIsh me luck!

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