Happy Birthday Bro

VIC dressed up

Today would be my brother Vic’s 53rd birthday.  My heart is heavy today thinking about him.  The whole family has had him in mind last week as we approached this day as it is his first birthday since he died last December.  We have all been wondering what can we do to acknowledge and celebrate him today.  My younger nephew Luke grew an “Uncle Vic” mustache in his honor. Linda and Sam (my sister and brother-in-law) and my nephew Peter and I are having a special dinner and birthday dessert for him.  The menu is barbecued steak, corn on the cob, salad and a Boston Cream Pie for dessert.  A dinner he would have requested if he was here to make that request – at least the first part.  Dessert we picked because it is my favorite and we all like it :).   We will probably sing happy birthday, and I am sure I will cry.  It has been said that the “firsts” after someone passes away are always the hardest – the first Christmas, first birthday, and so on.  I can truly say that the first Christmas was very hard as it was all so new.  Today has not unfolded yet so I am not sure what to expect.  I think about him and miss him just about everyday, and today is different – this would be HIS day, and I am sad that he is not here to celebrate it with us.  Who loves you bro?

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15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bro

  1. Your post so eloquently conveys the love you and your family have for him….May your memories carry you through the sad times and help you to honor him on HIS day….thinking of you…. Tamra

    • Thank you Tamra – We had a wonderful celebration for Vic’s birthday and laughed about some of his crazy stories, and memories about growing up. I am grateful for so many good memories and I will cherish those always.

  2. Yeah, today has been harder than I thought it would be. Thanks for sharing this and we’ll be thinking of you all for our own celebration here in Fresno. Lots of love in Uncle Vic’s memory!

    • ANy pics from your Fresno Celebration. I think that is wonderful that you grew an Uncle Vic stache – you wear it well. Love you Lukie Pookie 🙂

    • We had a wonderful celebration of Vic for his birthday! Lots of laughs and of course some tears. Thank you for your ever present support.

  3. Pedie….what you wrote about your brother is beautiful. I hope your family celebration for Vic is filled with love / great memories. May the lord wrap his arms around you / family during this difficult time.

    • Thanks Theresa. I miss my brother A LOT. Everyday it’s hard to believe he is no longer here. So I remember the good times and the fun we had and am grateful for so many great memories.

  4. This is a great photo of Vic. Our thoughts are with you and your family. He is missed by all his neighbors in WoodBridge Ranch, the community he spent endless hours volunteering and making a difference in. He had many friends in his community and was loved by all. We are thinking of Vic, and his family today on his birthday. From two of the many neighbors that loved him. Judy & Neil Cornell

    • I love the picture too. Not sure what the occasion was but dad sent it to Linda and I and we both used it for Vic’s birthday blog. My sister has an awesome blog to follow: eternalscheme.com

    • Thanks for your thoughts Judy and Neil. Vic did do alot in WoodBridge Ranch and he volunteered at and attended many of the programs that his girls participated – Dance recitals, carwash fundraisers, hauling stuff to rummage sales for the team, attending their soccer and softball games etc. He loved those girls more than anything.

  5. Big hugs for you. I know how difficult it is to miss a family member so dear to your heart, and the firsts that go along with that. He will always be in your heart. Such a funny and loving person he was. Happy Birthday Vic!

  6. Read Linda’s blog and saw your Mom’s facebook posting. Can’t imagine how hard this must be. I’m so glad you have each other.

    • I do have great family support!! To look for a silver lining to this terrible tragedy, it has brought our core family so much closer!

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