Let the Tapering Begin!

Delta Century on the Ferry

Today is May 8th 2013, and the NCAC ride is just around the corner.  Fundraising has been going really well for me due to the generosity of so many friends and family donating to this cause – helping those living with HIV/AIDS

Fortunately the training is going well too.  The past 3 weeks have been focused on distance rides to put some time in the saddle.  Well let me tell you, due to the fine windy and rather warm weather we have been having, the first two century rides I did:  the VERY WINDY Bike Around the Buttes, and the HILLY Chico Wildflower, were a bit challenging, and I spent a long time on the saddle.  Last Saturday, I did the Delta Century, also referred to as the Cycle de Mayo this year as it was done on the 5th. Though there was some wind, the ride was flat and beautiful as we road along, and back and forth across the Sacramento River.  I had begun tapering my milage so did the metric century that ride – 62 miles instead of 100.

The best part about these rides is that I have the opportunity to ride with some really awesome people, see some beautiful countryside, AND get in shape all at the same time!!  There were 5 of us that road together.  “Riding together” is a relative term, as individual energy levels wax and wane, and at times we were spread out.  We reconnected at the rest stops, started out together and hung that way until someone (usually Val) had a sudden burst of energy.  She would ride off in the distance to some upbeat song playing on her iPod through handlebar mounted speakers.

There has been so much talk of excitement about the upcoming NCAC ride from the first year riders, that I have found myself getting really excited too -like butterflies in the stomach excited!!!  We have received our NCAC kits (shorts and jerseys are called kits) and they are awesome!  What a sight we will be as we ride in on Sunday May 19th to the State Capitol steps!!

I will do a couple short rides between now and next Thursday to keep the legs loose and stretched out.  At this point, the bulk of the training is over and it is time to taper off and rest up our legs, pack our bodies with nutritious foods, drink lots of water, and pack for another life changing experience.  I can hardly wait!!

Oh, and what would be a blog without a request for donations to support me and this very worthwhile cause that many of you know is near and dear to my heart?  I reached my first personal goal of $3,000.00 and am now reaching for $4,000.00.  I am currently at $3,450.00 and I am feeling confident that I can reach that goal with your support!!  To ALL of you that have already donated to this cause by supporting me on this ride – thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I know there are others of you out there that may have forgotten, or not taken the time to follow through with your intent to donate. There is still time!  By hitting the DONATE button in the black strip at the top of my blog page, you will be taken directly to my donation page.  Thank you in advance for opening your heart. Your donation will make a difference to someone you don’t even know.  And you know what?   That makes you a hero!!!





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