Sending My Fur Kids to Camp


Most people who know me well, know that I like to pack up and go away on vacation to recharge myself.  I have always said, “I work hard to play hard”, and thus do a fair amount of travel. Before I had fur kids, the process of getting ready involved packing my things, making sure the yard was mowed and the plants were watered, doing the laundry, putting clean sheets on the bed, and cleaning the house so everything was in order when I returned.  Not having children made this pretty easy.

I realize now, that as wonderful as it is having my fur children, there is a lot of work involved in getting them ready when I go away.   My nephew and I adopted the fur kids when he was living with me, so he was there to take over when I was gone.  Only once did we both go away together for two weeks, and that time we had a friend come in and stay at the house, AND watch the babies.  Now that Peter has moved out, planning for the care of my of my fur kids takes a bit more time and thought when I want to pick up and go.

My sister doesn’t live too far away, though having to make back and forth trips twice a day for feeding time gets rather tiresome after awhile.  I thought it might make it easier on her, and more fun for the kids, to spend some time away at Camp with their fur cousins.  When we all went away for Vic’s memorial service in July, Linda and Sam’s fur children came to stay at my house, and Desiree came to house sit and take care of all the kids.  My children had the advantage of being on their home turf, so this would be a different experience for them.

It took me much of the morning before I left to pack up all the stuff they would require for two weeks away.  Jasper’s cage is too big to move without a truck, so the Pack and Play I used when he was recovering from surgery would have to do.  I gathered a litter box and litter, water bottles, kibble, hay, his medicine,  Critical Care and syringes, his little house, toys and treats. Oh, and for Jasper, I also packed up the fencing I use to keep him from nibbling on wires and cords.

Once Jasper’s things were loaded in the car, I turned to the kitties. I gathered a litter box, a different kind of litter (bunnies can’t use the clumping kitty litter), the pooper scoop, food and water bowls, two different kinds of food (Maui is on a special prescription food), beds, treats, and toys, and put them in the back of the car as well.

The kitties didn’t get nervous until all the carriers came out.  Jasper has had so many trips to the vet in his carrier he wasn’t fazed.  I got Jasper into his carrier without any problem, though putting the kitties in their carriers was another story!  It’s amazing how strong determined 9 and 11 pound kitties are when they resist!  A few scratches and gouges later, the kids were all crated and seat belted in for the ride to Auntie Linda and Uncle Sam Camp!!  I am sure they will have stories to tell when they come home.  I know Jasper is already writing a blog about his experience – “We’re on Vacation By Jasper Bunny“.

I took the fur kids to Camp the night before I left, and gave them some love and reassurance when I left to get my stuff together for the trip.  In the morning when I went over to Linda and Sam’s to get a ride to the airport, I gave some more love and reassurance that Mama would be back.  When it was time to leave, I said one more goodbye, and as usual, left with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.  One thing I have learned is that being a parent leaving the kids behind isn’t for wussies!

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  1. Sending the kids to camp is quite an accomplishment – as you just found out which is why you kids weren’t all sent away very much. You went to Grandma and Grandpa’s which was about the event of it and not that often. Can you imagine how your life would have changed if you had had children early on?

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